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Most people have some sort of nervousness while attending the face-to-face job interview. The interviewer lots of questions to bring out the truth and to expose the candidates in some other way. “Why should we hire you?" is one of the questions being asked in most interviews. The interview may also ask that question in other ways such as “ are you the best candidate for this job?” “Do you fit best for this position?” If you do not have any clue on how to answer these questions, then it is better to go through why should we hire you sample answers.

When answering the question, you should never reveal your weakness in any way. You should tell the answer with lots of confidence, and you should sound very authentic. Before attending the interview for a company, you should learn about the company and find out what kind of candidates they prefer. The recruiters always hire people, who match the ideological frequency of the employers. Brainstorming is very important for any interview preparation. You should read the job description thoroughly and be prepared to answer questions asked from any aspects.

You can practice for the interview by sitting in front of the mirror and speaking to yourself. Though you may have an excellent communication skill and confidence, you still need some practice to avoid any risks. Make sure that you always tell your positives, industry experience and achievement. These days, you can find the various sample answers for the interview questions on the Internet. You can look into the TCM websites to find best sample answers for various kinds of job interview questions. Thanks to the Internet, today interview preparations have become much easier than before. It takes few minutes to browse the Internet and find a wealth of interview tips. You can also get more ideas from people, who have attended the job interviews recently.